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Royal Titles of Gediminids

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Jagiellon Dynasty

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Sofia Vitovtovna

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Vytautas the Great at the Battle of Grunwald

Welcome to the official homepage of the Royal Vitort Family!

The Royal Vitort Family is descended from King Gediminas, making it a Royal Family from the Gediminid branch of European Royalty.

Header image : Oath of Vytautas the Great at Kaunas in 1362.

Vytautas the Great (Lithuanian: Vytautas Didysis; Polish: Witold; Belarusian: Vitaut (Вітаўт Кейстутавіч); Historical text variations & Medieval English1: Vitort (Виторт); Russian: Vitovt (Витовт); c. 1350 – October 27, 1430), was one of the most famous rulers of medieval Lithuania, a country which at the time stretched from modern day Lithuania to the black sea coast of Ukraine, and bordered the powerful European Kingdoms of Muscovy, Poland and Hungary. Vytautas was given the title Didysis Kunigaikštis, the equivalent of king, and he ruled his vast lands from 1401-1430, a powerful and vast Kingdom which was at the time known as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a Kingdom ruled by Grand Dukes (Kings).

Grand Duke Vytautas the Great is now a hero of Lithuania, referred to as one of the greatest kings of the Kingdom, and one who led the country to great wealth and conquest. A university, monuments, and many things are named after Vytautas the Great.

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Battle of Grunwald / Tannenberg

The Battle of Grunwald (or Tannenberg) took place on July 15, 1410 and was a major and decisive European battle which resulted in the collapse of the Teutonic Order's power in the region, and the rise of the Kingdoms of Poland and Lithuania as major European powers. Grand Duke Vitort led the Lithuanians in a combined Polish-Lithuanian army (the Polish army was led by his cousin, Jogaila) against the much better experienced and tactically prepared Teutonic Knights. The battle began when Vitort charged the Teutonic Order with his men, fought fiercely for hours, then feigned a brilliant strategic retreat. Once the Polish contingent joined the battle, Vitort returned to the battlefield with his army to overrun the Teutonic Knights and win a decisive victory. The battle is still regarded as one of the greatest historical events in the history of modern Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

The year 2010 marks the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald.


Congratulations to Stanislas Vitort! Performing on TV.

1. Court of King Henry V of England, 'Thomas Netter' Letter regarding Grand Duke Vitort.